in our studio

In our studio we use a Nabertherm kiln. The kiln can hold 190 l .
We would be happy to fire your pottery works for you. Bisque firing at 950 degrees Celsius and glaze firing at
1250 degrees Celsius.

The works must be thoroughly dried, approx. 7-8 days, and should not exceed a wall thickness of 2 cm!

Find out to which temperature the clay can be fired– from the clay supplier or on the packaging. Please share this information with us, e.g. by showing us a photo of the sticker on the packaging.

The price for the firing service is calculated before the firing. Your pieces will be weighed before the firing service. We charge a minimum amount of € 2.


Bisque firing | 950° C  |  € 5,– / kg

Glaze firing  | 1250° C  |  € 6,50 / kg

Glazing-Service | € 4 or 8 / piece (depending on size)

If your pieces are larger or more voluminous, we will have to calculate the cost of the firing service differently:

An entire firing rack in the kiln up to 20 cm high costs then for the
Bisque fixing: 15,– €
Glaze firing: 18,50 €

An entire firing rack in the kiln bis 30 cm costs then for the
Bisque fixing: 27,50 €
Glaze firing: 38,50 €

You can rent the entire kiln with your own firing temperature for
Bisque firing: 55,– €
Glaze firing: 69,– €

Teekanne, rot glasiert, von P. & C. | STUDIO CERAMICS

The bottoms of your pieces should be free of glaze. If we have to re-clean the bottoms, additional costs may arise.

Please understand that we cannot say exactly when your works will be fired. For economic and ecological reasons, we always want to fill the kiln to the maximum. However, we try to ensure that it does not take longer than 3 weeks.

All prices include VAT. If works are broken after the fire or do not meet your expectations (e.g. glaze results), this is not our responsibility. We are not liable for this.

Here  you can book a Workspace in our studio ..
We use glazes from Carl Jäger Tonindustriebedarf GmbH.